Advanced Teacher Training

A Teacher’s Course: “Practical Anatomy: The Next step in Teaching and Adjusting” June 13-27, 2015

Yoga School: Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Course Description: (100 Hr towards 300 Hr)dwi pada sirsasana

Education sessions will be a combination of theoretical learning and practical application, with a focus on “doing”. In addition to learning about movement mechanics and actions involved in asana, we will explore and apply what it means to adjust adhering to ahimsa and integrity.  Through understanding proper alignment we can encourage practitioners to go beyond the body and find the internal practice.

Additionally, we will learn about sequencing, verbal cues and use of silence in class.

We will go over in detail and practice adjustments from the Ashtanga Primary Series, as well as key poses and preparations up to Dwi Pada Sirsasana in Second Series, for those practicing these poses themselves. Participant requests to review particular adjustments will be covered as time permits.

SkeletonTeachers will leave feeling confident in adjusting students and practitioners will gain insight into their own body and practice.

Major Topics include: Movement Mechanics, Actions of Asana, Adjusting beyond Alignment, Sequencing and Verbal Cues

This course is led by Arielle Nash-Degagne and Elonne Stockton. For more information program information and to register click here.

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