Bolivia’s First Impressions

It was 4:45am as we waited in the dirt street outside our hostel door in San Pedro. The only other sign of life was the extended van that drove by full of other tourists. Finally, ours arrived. Out of the … Continue reading

Atacama: The Driest Place on Earth

We were excited to arrive in Santiago.  After spending nearly 3 months in Argentina, we were ready for a change.  Although we’re not big fans of large metropolises, Santiago promised warm weather and a break for our budget.  Argentina is … Continue reading

Crushed Grapes and a side of Bed Bugs

A tour through Argentina wouldn’t be complete for a wine lover, without a stop in Mendoza.  We must have had “Gringo looking for a bed” pasted to our foreheads when we got off our overnight bus, as we were targeted … Continue reading

The Fierce Peaks, Moving Glaciers and Dry Desert of Argentine Patagonia

With 8 days of trail grime pasted to our skin, between our toes and matted in our hair, even our mediocre shower facilities seemed luxurious.  After scrubbing down, it was time to meet back up with our crew for dinner.  … Continue reading