Titicaca and the Two Faces of Cusco

It was a close call catching the bus to Titicaca (pronounced “tee-tee-ka-ka”) on that nutty morning in La Paz.  We did, however make it, thanks to our stellar taxi driver.  Amid one of the hundred traffic jams our bus sat … Continue reading

Bolivia Take 2: Flying high and Defying Gravity in La Paz

Our packs disappeared in a cloud of dust as they were hurled to the pavement from our bus in La Paz.  The ride had apparently been a dirty one. A thick layer of filth had coated their exterior as our … Continue reading

Bolivia’s First Impressions

It was 4:45am as we waited in the dirt street outside our hostel door in San Pedro. The only other sign of life was the extended van that drove by full of other tourists. Finally, ours arrived. Out of the … Continue reading