Penguins in the Desert

Close your eyes and think about penguins.  I’m guessing the picture in your head was some combination of snow capped mountains, glaciers, ice bergs, the ocean, “Happy Feet” or maybe the tuxedo you wore on your wedding day.  It’s not … Continue reading

Who needs a trail?

Watching the employee who works at the tourist info office in Sierra de la Ventana ride her bike to work, lean it against a tree and leave it there for the day without locking it, assured us we had arrived … Continue reading

The 51st State

Our visit to Uruguay began with a catamaran ride from Buenos Aires to historic Colonia del Sacremento.  We had originally planned to go straight to Monetvideo (the capital) and onto the coast.  However, a faster boat and opportunity to see … Continue reading

New York meets London

Although it was merely 6:30am when we arrived by bus in Buenos Aires, the cushy bed in first class had given us a decent sleep.  We were ready to go explore and see what all the hype is about surrounding … Continue reading