A pack on your back

It’s finally here!  By popular demand from friends and family, and our keen desire to document our “honeymoon”, our blog is live.  We won’t sugar-coat the ills of society – here you will get the good, not-so-good and the ugly of it all.   If you so choose to live vicariously through our journey.. read on.

After  dinner with Arielle’s parents at the less than spectacular Ruth’s Chris in Mississauga, our trip began on Wednesday, November 2nd.  With us we each had, a one-way ticket from Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad (via Houston) and a backpack.

Prior to leaving, we often got the question, “How do you pack for a trip like that?”.  Our answer…..

Dale’s Pack:  60L (+22L attached daypack)

Clothing: 1 water resistant hoodie, 1 Arc’tyrex Beta AR Gore-tex Jacket, 1 pr long pants, 3 pairs shorts (1 bathing suit), 2 t-shirts, 1 silver thread sleeveless shirt, 4 pair underwear, 1 pair smart wool socks,1 pair sport socks, Flip flops, Running shoes, 1 belt, 1 merino wool beanie toque, 1 sarong

Toiletries: 1 electric razor,  1 electric toothbrush with charger and 2 heads, dental floss, cuticle scissors, toothpaste, ear drops

Misc: Diving mask, salt stone, dive knife, Dive computer, yoga travel towel, manduka travel yoga mat, portable speakers, water bottle with purification filter, 17” lap top, 4 textbooks, calculator, sunglasses, padlock, highlighters, eye cover

Arielle’s Pack: Arc’teryx Alto 62L + 25L packable day pack

Clothing: 2 pair yoga capris, 2 yoga tanks, Lululemon travel yoga mat, travel towel, 1pr smartwool socks, 4pr underwear, 2pr shorts, 1 pair thai short pants, 1 silver thread t-shirt, 2 tank tops, 2 sports bras,1 set light pj’s, 1 sarong , 1 bikini, 1 light weight merino
wool hoodie, 1 long sleeve UV button up shirt, Hiking shoes, Flip flops, 1 Arc’teryx merino wool toque, 1 Arc’teryx Beta AR Gore-tex jacket, 1 maple leaf bandana

Misc: camera, Underwater camera house, Watch, Unlocked blackberry, Ipod shuffle & headphones, Mini binoculars, eye glasses, prescription sunglasses, travel clothes line, journal, Lonely Planet – South America on a Shoestring, Lonely Planet – Peru, Latin America Phrasebook, Brazilian Portuguese Phrasebook, pocket notebook, 1 novel (Shantaram 1000pgs), ear plugs, eye cover, 1 TP Massage Ball

Toiletries & first aid: Small shampoo & conditioner, Bar soap, Face wash, 30 sunscreen, Nail file & clippers, Neti pot & salt, hair brush, tampons, Advil Gel caps, Malarone®, Traveller’s diarreah tablets, 5 band-aids, needle & thread, 2 m of duct tape, Aspirin, Tylenol Cold & Sinus, Ciprofloaxin, Dramamine

Shit, we have too much stuff.


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